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How to Complete your CEA Application

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Application Deadline: Friday, January 20, 2023. There will be no extensions.


NOTE: The minimum volume requirement to be accepted into the 2023 Circle of Excellence Award program is $5 million of TOTAL volume credit. See the new detailed calculation guidelines on pages 4 -7 of the Rules.


Visit the Circle of Excellence Award (CEA) website at for all key forms, short tutorials for completing your transaction worksheet, and the final application. This year, entry is simpler and requires fewer fields.

STEP ONE: Choose your Transaction Entry Option.


  1. From the Circle of Excellence website, click on the CEA Entry Form.
  2. Save As your CEA Entry Form to your computer, naming it with your Last Name » . » First and Middle Initial » . » CEA2022. For example, John B. Doe’s entry form will be named Doe.JB.CEA2022.xlsx. If you have a popular name, add additional identifying notes.
  3. Open the document to the first worksheet (see tab titled “Entry Summary”).
  4. Input your basic contact information as requested. Other items on this page include summary tables based on your input on the other sheets and are for reference only.


  • We suggest using a current version of Microsoft Excel; however, Google Sheets may function properly with the same entry instructions.
  • This Entry Form contains some locked fields for quicker entry.


In the CEA Entry Form, there are three (3) transaction worksheets ready for input (see tabs near the bottom of the screen): Buyer/Tenant Rep, Seller/Landlord Rep, and Dual Agency (as defined on page 5 of the Rules). Please input the required fields based on your representation of the deal. To start entering your 2022 data, open your saved CEA Entry Form and:

  1. Click the first field to the far left (Award Category).
  2. Choose the Transaction Type from the drop-down field options. This will be based on the award category, as determined by the Rules. See page 3 of the Rules and for categorization, see pages 7-9).
  3. Tab to each field, providing full data for each transaction one at a time for sales or leases completed in 2022.
  4. Tab at the end of each line, to return to the next line and continue your input of transactions.
  5. Save your input frequently to prevent data loss.


  • Accurate Entry - when your transaction volume credit is entered correctly and the total equals 100% credit between brokers (Applicant, In-Market Brokers, and Out-of-Market Brokers), the last column will appear green. If the transaction does not calculate to 100%, it will be disqualified.
  • Dual Agency tab – to qualify, you must have a signed agreement by both parties to claim Dual Agency. If you do not and enter “no” on the entry form, the tab will turn red. Please remove the data and enter the transaction on the appropriate tab. Agreements may be requested by the Award Committee, for verification. More information is available on page 5 section 7.a.9. of the Rules.
  • Volume Credit – each side of the deal is allowed to claim 100% of the value of the transaction (split between the brokers that shared in the commission). All brokers must be listed by name (for in-market) and by office (for out-of-market) on each transaction. See page 4 of the Rules.

To view a summary of the transactions entered, click on the Entry Summary tab.


Rather than keying all the information, Applicants with a firm transaction/commission tracking system that provides the required data, may request approval to submit data directly from a system report. Firms may also use this process to submit multiple applicant data.

To gain approval, please contact [email protected] to review the submission requirements. All requests (and a sample submission) must be submitted by Friday, January 13, 2023. Review and an approval notification will be provided within two (2) business days. Since this is a new process, we recommend you start early.


STEP TWO: Complete the online application to submit your CEA Entry Form and application fees.

  1. Return to the Circle of Excellence Award website.
  2. Click on the link to the Application Form. Complete the application fully, uploading your completed CEA Entry Form, certifying all statements, and submit your application payment. Partially completed forms will not be accepted.
  3. Via email, you will receive a payment receipt AND a copy of your submission.
  4. A copy of your completed submission (including the CEA entry form) will be forwarded to your Broker-in-Charge, by the CRCBR team. Approval by the BIC is required to complete your application process. Remind your BIC to review and approve the form within the requested timeframe.
  5. If you or anyone in your firm has not paid their 2023 CRCBR/CBC dues, you and the BIC will be notified, and immediate resolution is needed to complete your submission.



  • ☐  A current member in good-standing (all dues and outstanding balances are paid).
  • ☐  With a firm of which all brokers 2023 dues are paid-in-full.
  • ☐  Complete the transaction entry form and your 2022 total production of new real estate brokerage business is $5 million or more.
  • ☐  Submit the Application form, including the Transaction Entry Form, and the application fee.
  • ☐  RSVP (via the application form) regarding your participation in the 2023 Award celebration lunch.
  • ☐  Remind your BIC to review and certify your application (as received via email).
  • ☐  If applicable, submit a photo if you are being considered for a Special Recognition Award or have more than $15 million in Award Program Volume Credit (see page 2 of the Rules). Submit to [email protected].