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What’s New in 2023?

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To create the 2023 Circle of Excellence Award (CEA) program, a committee of CRCBR members overhauled the Deal Makers Award rules and guidelines. Below are the highlights:


  • Build integrity and clarity in the program
  • Simplify the submission process
  • Increase participation

The Charlotte market has matured over the years and thus we needed to bring the award rules current. The purpose of the award program is to honor our members who have achieved the highest levels of production and delivered incredible results for their clients and our entire community.


  • The program is now called the Circle of Excellence Award Program and long-time winners are recognized with the Pinnacle Awards in 10-year increments.
  • Transaction volume credit is allowed for 100% of the deal value (thus 100% value for buyers/tenant and 100% for seller/landlord). See page 4 section 7.a.1 of the Rules.
  • Minimum volume credit to participate is $5 million. See page 1 section 3.b of the Rules. Detailed calculation Rules appear on pages 4-9.
  • New CEA Entry Form (to record transactions) has a reduced number of fields. After recording your 2022 transactions, return to the CEA website to complete the application and submit your Entry Form.
  • Does your firm track transactions and commissions internally? Gain pre-approval for submission for multiple brokers.
  • Recognition in the Charlotte Business Journal will be by volume category (without volume dollar notations) e.g. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Applicants may opt-out of publishing their name.
  • Application review will be by an Award Committee of CRCBR members. Each committee member will submit a strict non-disclosure. The applications of at least the top 5 producers in each award category, will be reviewed. See page 3 section 5 of the Rules.
  • Top Producer categories have been reworked. There are now eight (8) Top Producer categories. See page 3 section 5 of the Rules. Awardees in each category will be recognized with runners-up (in alphabetical order).
  • Reduced application fee - $75 which includes the award luncheon. If you would like to receive a recognition plaque for your volume credit level, a link will be provided (following the luncheon) for you to order directly.


  • Volume credit is not assignable or transferable to other team members. See page 5 section 7.a.14 of the Rules.
  • Dual agency transactions are only allowed with a dually signed agreement. A copy may be requested by the Award Committee for verification. See page 5 section 7.a.9 of the Rules.
  • Expanded information is available on categorizing transactions. Applicants will self-select the transaction category for consideration. See page 3 section 5 of the Rules.


  • Broker-to-Watch recognition for brokers with less than four years of experience.
  • Pinnacle Award achievement (previously the Lifetime Achievement) will be recognized each 10 years of participation.
  • The Award celebration will be held on February 28, 2023 at the Mint Museum Uptown. Applicants RSVP via the application form. Others may register to attend at