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The Charlotte Region Commercial Board of REALTORS® (CRCBR), in partnership with Catylist Research, is pleased to welcome you to Charlotte's new online source for searching and marketing commercial real estate. Click here to view the 2021 SiteIndex Board of Directors.

SiteIndex is tracking over 32,000 building records, which consists of over 6,600 availabilities in the Charlotte coverage area. Throughout North Carolina, subscribers have access to over 15,000 availabilities. Key system functions include access to building inventory, search sale and lease availabilities and comps, send broadcast email, post needs/wants, view tenant rosters, generate dozens of detail reports, and more.

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Get To Know Catylist Research

SiteIndex is powered by the Catylist Research platform, a fully-researched commercial listings system with trends, broadcast email, reporting and more. The Catylist network consists of local platforms connecting more than 50 markets, from metropolitan areas to multi-state regions, across North America. 

Sign up for a one-on-one webinar by contacting Diana Winchester, NC Market Manager, [email protected]. You can also explore Tutorials to help you navigate through SiteIndex Features by clicking here.

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SiteIndex subscription is available to CRCBR and CBC members. This robust commercial listing system offers a database of sale/lease availabilities and comps with a suite of powerful tools.  All listings have the added benefit of national exposure through Subscribers receive a suite of commercial data at your fingertips, including:

  • Map-based search with pan and zoom filtering
  • Property-centric display including parcel data
  • Detailed property data on every commercial property (all types, all sizes)
  • Broadcast email marketing
  • Lead generation dashboard
  • Geospatial site selection packages
  • Client-ready PDF reports

For more information about subscribing, contact Lauren Simonetti at 704-940-7393 or [email protected].  

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