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SiteIndex , in partnership with Catylist/Moody’s Analytics CRE, delivers a comprehensive commercial real estate platform providing brokers with national exposure for listings, robust data, and a suite of marketing, prospecting and broadcast tools to accelerate transactions.  Trusted by CRE associations, economic development communities, brokerage firms, and commercial professionals, Catylist is the go-to platform for commercial real estate professionals.


SiteIndex Features & Tools

SiteIndex is the only commercial listing system with a local focus. The Catylist network connects more than 50 markets, from metropolitan areas to multi-state regions, across North America.  Members are eligible to subscribe, gaining access to the data through the U.S. markets represented by Catylist with the added benefit of listings gaining national exposure through Commercial Exchange.

SiteIndex: Your all-inclusive monthly subscription includes…

  • Access to nationwide listings + historical data
  • Unlimited listings on both local and national site
  • On-Screen Live Analytics, Search Zoning!


  • Map-based search with pan and zoom filtering
  • Property-centric display including parcel data
  • Geospatial site selection packages
  • Client-ready PDF reports
  • Detailed property date on every commercial property (all types, all sizes)
  • 5 Email Broadcasts/day to 1200-1900 brokers with 25%+ open rates
  • Post Needs and Wants in ANY market
  • Lead generation with auto notification
  • National + NC exposure of listings w/ traffic reports
  • One-click professional presentations
  • True Owner Information *
    (*70% as of April 2022 in NC)


  • Fully researched property detail + sales/ lease comps 
  • Advanced traffic, drivetime, income/spending demographics
  • Direct Links to EPA reports + FEMA maps + Tax Records
  • Google Earth Pro integration of traffic and drivetime data
To learn more about the benefits and functionality of the platform, contact Diana Winchester, NC Market Manager, at You can also explore videos tutorials here.

Questions about subscriptions, contact Paula Powers at

  • Submit your subscription form:
  • Subscription Costs: Individual $95 per month, per subscriber for member, paid annually. $125 for non-member subscriber per month. Admins may subscribe at no cost to help brokers manage their listings.

        *Initiation Fee - applies to both member and non-member subscribers at $150 per broker

  • Subscription GuidelinesThe broker in charge of the firm is required to subscribe.  All broker members in a firm must enroll in the system.
  • Business Subscription: Companies with 15 or more brokers will receive a discounted rate on subscriptions. The business pays $95 per month ($1,140 annually) for the first 15 brokers, and $80 per month ($960 annually) for each additional broker. They are not required to have all broker members enroll, as long as they maintain at least 15 brokers. The subscription is owned by the firm, so if someone leaves, the firm may transfer the subscription to a different broker.

Pricing effective July 1, 2024

Showcase Your CRE Listings on Your Own Website

SiteLink offers a seamless solution to display your commercial real estate listings directly on your website. With our plug-and-play technology, you can transform your online presence into a powerful marketing tool – all for one low annual cost.

Benefits of SiteLink:

  • Brand Reinforcement: Enhance your company's visibility by making your website a comprehensive resource for potential clients.
  • One-Stop-Shop: Offer a seamless experience by providing all your listings in a single, convenient location on your site.
  • Easy Integration: Our user-friendly platform allows for a hassle-free setup, letting you focus on growing your business.
  • Annual Payment Structure: For one low annual cost, you can enjoy the convenience of having your entire portfolio of commercial real estate listings readily available on your website. No hidden fees or complicated pricing structures – just a straightforward investment in your online visibility.

Take control of your online presence and start driving more leads today. Sign up for SiteLink and unlock the full potential of your website as a powerful marketing asset.

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