CRCBR has engaged Catylist to power our new marketing and data service.  Many of you have attended webinars and trainings for the system, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. The CRCBR Executive Committee elected to reestablish SiteIndex, powered by Catylist.  We are committed to bringing you the newest technology for our commercial listing and marketing platform. 

Click here to view the list of firms who are already using SiteIndex.

Here are the details:

Highlighted Features:

Subscribe Now:  

  • Submit your subscription form: Complete an online or PDF form
  • Subscription Costs: $85 per month, per subscriber; admins may subscribe at no cost to help the brokers manage their listings.
  • Business Subscription: Companies with 15 or more brokers will receive a discounted rate on subscriptions. The first 15 brokers pay $85 per month ($1,020 annually), and each broker 16+ would pay $70 per month ($840 annually). They can choose who is active with SiteIndex, as long as they maintain at least 15 brokers.  The subscription is owned by the firm, so if someone leaves, the firm may replace the subscriber with another broker (and the broker cannot take their subscription with them).
  • Subscription guidelines: As in the past, all REALTOR® members in a firm must enroll in the system.
  • Firm SiteLink: Do you need a feed to your firm website? Information and pricing for that service is available below or by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the coverage area for SiteIndex/Catylist system?
We are populating the base data for the 18-county region which CRCBR represents.  Also, subscribers have access to the data through the US markets represented by Catylist.

Can I send broadcast emails if I am not a subscriber of the system?
Only subscribers of the system can send broadcast emails and receive wants/needs emails.  CRCBR members that do not subscribe may receive all broadcast emails, however, cannot specify their profile for the type of emails they would receive (e.g. market segment, property type, etc.) Non-Subscribers can go to the public side of SiteIndex by clicking here and create their need/want.  This will then be published to any SiteIndex member that set their preferences to receive needs/wants. 

Do all brokers in the office need to subscribe to the system?
Yes, the guidelines are the same as in the past, all brokers in the firm must subscribe in order to participate in the system.

How do I get my listings into SiteIndex or update my listing?
As a subscriber, you can enter that information after logging in. Or, any broker can send their listing information directly to the research team at [email protected]. Libby Schlup is the researcher for SiteIndex and will focus on broker outreach and listing verifications. Her email address is [email protected] and phone number is 704-879-1205. Listing updates may be sent to either her or [email protected]

When are future training sessions?
View available trainings here. Recorded tutorials are also available here.

How do I learn more about the benefits and functionality of the new SiteIndex system? 
Contact Diana Winchester at [email protected].


Showcase your listings on your firms website. Plug in the Catylist search engine with a single line of code or use the API to pull your lists in real-time. 

Features include:


The annual fee is based on the firm size/number of subscribers.

  • 1-4 Broker Firm - $925 per year
  • 5-9 Broker Firm - $1,250 per year
  • 10+ Broker Firm - $1,750 per year
Complete SiteLink Order Form

Forms should be completed and faxed to CRCBR at 704-377-8983 or emailed to [email protected].

A SiteLink Order Form must be completed and payment submitted in order for the link to be developed. All SiteLink fees are non-refundable.